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The hosts

As is with any online game, forum or normal, accepted piece of multiuser software there are administrators on the MOO.
We aim for 24 hour coverage of the MOO, though understandably this is not always possible.
We do have a team of 5 members, ranging from builders to wizards, most of which are in game characters too!
The hosts are there to plan and carry out events, help players with there issues, fix bugs and typos and generally keep the game running!
Respect us and we shall respect you.
There is no favouritism in our team.

who are they?

That you'll have to find out in game.

The ranks:

From lowest to highest rank:

I have a problem with a host, what should I do?

You can either use the in game report feature in which case I, the supreme admin, will deal with it personally, or you can email us either by our Contact page or our direct email.
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