Current gamebooks

Below is a list of current gamebooks released by Nathan Tech plus a short description of each.
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Santa's Secrets

Santa's Secrets was the first gamebook release by NathanTech in December 2014.
In this gamebook you are an elf.
You must find certain objects in order to save christmas from Scrooge before it is too late!
This is a very christmasy themed gamebook but it is still fun to play at all times of the year!
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Making myth

Making Myth was Nathan Tech's second but largest gamebook.
In this gamebook, or rather series of gamebooks, you take the role of a character in one of the greek myths.
You can be a god, a titan, a hero or even a mother in quest of shelter to give birth.
Current Myths include:

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Haunted House

Haunted house is Nathan Tech's halloween themed horror gamebook.
Battle 13 fearce aponents as you try to clear out the house of baddies in this super creepy gamebook.
Disclaimer and important notice: This gamebook, at the end, contains scenes not suitable for younger players.
The recommended age for this gamebook is 15 plus, we will not take responsibility for these scenes if you are under the recommended age and find them offensive. Sorry.
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