Against the clock

Welcome to Against the clock.
Against the clock is a sequence memory game By nathan Tech.
In the game you start off with 100 seconds on the clock.
The aim is to input a sequence of keystrokes within the alotted time slot.
There are 20 levels and for each level, 5 seconds is deducted from the clock and another keystroke is added to the sequence.
To beat the game, you must be able to input a sequence, from memory, within 5 seconds. That's 20 keystrokes in five sequences, in 5 seconds.
Can you type quic enough?
Can you remember the sequence?
Can you beat the clock?

System Requirements:

This game works on all versions of windows.
You will need approximately 60 MB of free disk space.
You will need a screen reader to access certain parts of the game.

download link:

The game can be downloaded from the following link:
Click right here
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