What is this?

This is a map for SoundRTS.
SoundRTS is a real time strategy war game for the blind.
More information about the game can be found here
This is a modernised map for that game.


Downloading and installing

Although this information can be found in the readme.txt file we thought it best to include it here.
First to download,
Click here

Please Note: Should this link be over loaded, it may cause the product to be tempararily unavailable.
Should this occur, please email us immediately and we will give you a copy of the product you have requested.
To install unzip the file.
Copy the folder into your SoundRTS\multi\ folder.
It should read something like soundRTS\multi\ntm1v2\ and then all of the content of the file.
Go to your soundRTS.exe and launch the game.
You will be able to run this like any other map.
There is also an audio tutorial on this here

WE hope you enjoy

We hope you enjoy and any feedback you have can be sent to us at nathan-tech@hotmail.com

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