The Train Simulator.

One of Nathan Tech's major projects is our simulation games.
Already we have released the Boat Simulator which was a fantastic success.
Following what people wanted and requested, Nathan Tech also released:

The Train Simulator!

Chug along in your london over ground themed train as you drive this spectacular sounding simulator threw stations. With sweet sounds, amazing ambients and traintastic twists, this simulator is sure to get your train driving skills tingling!


System requirements

This simulator runs on only windows operating systems.
All versions of windows supported as far as we know.
40 mb of disk space recommended, though 34 is the minimum.
A decent pair of headphones for full gaming experience.


Download today!
Click here to download Train Simulator version 1.0!
Please Note: Should this link be over loaded, it may cause the product to be tempararily unavailable.
Should this occur, please email us immediately and we will give you a copy of the product you have requested.

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