Trick or Eat

One thing Nathan Tech takes advantage of a lot is the seasons.
If nothing else, Nathan Tech is very good at developing games that suit the time.
Back in christmas 2014, Nathan Tech released their christmas themed gamebook, then halloween last year came haunted house.
In 2016, however, Nathan Tech went for the full out audio game idea.

Trick or Eat

In this epic side-scrolling game you take the part of Jonny, the kid who's just about to go out trick or treating.
You grab your bag and are ready to go, only to find your way blocked by a hoard of creatures from hell!
In the game, you have 3 minutes to collect as many sweets as possible, while shooting down all of the enemies that come at you and try to eat the sweets before you get them!


System Requirements:

This program only runs on windows at the moment, though we have been looking into making mac versions for some time.

Runs on all versions of windows as far as we can tell.
Approximately 96 MB of disk space.


Download now:
Click here to download

the online scoreboard

Trick or Eat has an online scoreboard, where the game will quite happily post your scores to go up against all of the other players in the world.
To get to the scoreboard:
click right here!
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