About Nathan Smith of NathanTech

1: Early life

Nathan was born in Southend hospital at 10:00 PM on the 6th of January 2000.
Originally, Nathan was suppose to be born on December 31st but Nathan as a child, and still now, is stubbern.
He attended Sandpipers play school from 2003 to 2004. [playschool is more commonly known as kindergarten]
Nathan lost his site at the age of 2 due to optic actrafy, and went to the USA, Crete, Tenareef and tunisea from the ages of 2 to 4.

2: Growing up as a blind child

Nathan as a child was a happy, bouncy child.
You could always find him playing cars, playing with garages or train sets.
But Nathan by no means was an easy going child.
Nathan has always been out in the open with what he thinks, this is not to say he is rude, but he says what he thinks and if something is wrong he will not stand for it.
Nathan attended Hinguar Primary School from 2004 to 2011 and enjoyed it most of the time.
Nathan said "Hinguar was a very enjoyable experience. Obviously back then being no more than a small child I didn't have much in the way of independant thought and protests but I didn't need to.
While I am like any person in I did not like school, it was not exactly unpleasant." >

3: The change to secondary school

Nathan Smith attended Shoeburyness High School from 2011 to present.
The change to secondary was hard, but it is for any child.
Nathan received prior mobility sessions around the school.
When it came to the first week, Nathan was a little overwelmed by the shear number of students and how much you had to push to get anywhere.
However this quickly changed as Nathan figured out the well known technique, shove or be shoved.
nathan had this to say: "The change to secondary school is not easy, even for a sighted student. It was, with some trepidation, that I started at Shoeburyness High School. I was pleasantly surprised to find the teachers to be kind, helpful people who respected rather than pitied me. It was a fantastic advantage that I had prior knowledge of the schools layout and fully recommend that if you are receiving a blind student, that they receive prior mobility sessions before starting at the school.
The subjects were numerous and hard at first, switching from 1 hour lessons to 100 minute lessons [1 hour 40 minutes] was certainly difficult.
However I'm still here today, so must be doing something right."

The beginnings of Nathan Tech

Nathan Tech originally started as Nathan's one man band.
Ever since he was 11, Nathan has wanted to make a difference for blind people. he has had an internal drive that drives him to succeed in making knowledge about blind people known but further making things understood by blind people.
Nathan did not try to hold himself back in subjects and always questioned why he could not do something.
As an example he chose engeneering as his first design and technology course but later decided on Catering.
Nathan Tech started as a 3 page rant on blindness not being understood.
It was the scribblings of a child but over the years from 2013, its opening, Nathan has developed Nathan Tech into the success it is today.
He is currently a game developer, gamebook developer, website developer, plus a few other self given titles.

A list of awards he has gotten.

Below is a list of major awards/achievements that Nathan has achieved in his life:

The future

In the future, Nathan's aims are to bring knowledge to the sighted about blind people, and knowledge and accessibility to the blind.
He is not entirely sure of his career choice, although is thinking of leaning towards computing.

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