Nathan Tech's campaign 1

What is this

This is a campaign for the game SoundRTS.
More information can be found about soundRTS Here

In this campaign

In this campaign you are the lord of a castle under threat from elimination.
Can you persuade your neighbours with pots of gold and promises of fantastic fighting victories?
Can you turn the tides on your enemies and crush them despite there greater numbers?

Download and installation

To download the campaign
Click here!

Please Note: Should this link be over loaded, it may cause the product to be tempararily unavailable.
Should this occur, please email us immediately and we will give you a copy of the product you have requested.

To install, unzip the file.
Copy the nathan tech campaign 1 folder into your singles folder so that it reads: SoundRTS\single\campaign1\ and then ui, 0.txt etc.
We hope you enjoy!


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