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Hellp files

Each one of our activities has a help file that details its commands and a how to. There is also a help file that lists every activity on Cosmic Rage.
Unlike other MOOS our MOO gives a short back story on each activity.

Activity details

See below a table showing a list of all of our activities, their level and their descriptions.
Level Activity Description Implementation level
1 Hand mining using shovels you can dig up gems for cash and points. Fully implemented
1 Hunting Use your spear skills in a primitive attack as you slay a multicoloured array of animals in the wild. Fully implemented
1 ore extraction Dig up gems and precious ores while trying to fight offf creatures of the wild in this death defying activity that takes place in volcanoes! fully implemented
5 Trash collecting Using your trash collecting vehicle you can go out and sweep up the trash of the ancients. You can upgrade your vehicle for autotrash collecting. Watch out! Monsters are able to board and attack you! Fully implemented
15 volcano harvesting Dive your vehicle into mountains and harvest ancient relics from the heart of volcanoes. Watch out! if that volcano erupts, you'll be going boom! Fully implemented
17 Rescuing Not everyone is as good at boating as you are, some people need rescuing where they've hit a rock and sunk! In this activity, you do just that! But be careful! you're up against the clock! fully implemented
20fishingYou must always supply for your planet before they will let you leave and fishing is one of these activities. Fish fishes out of the streams and sell them to your shops. Fully implemented
25dredgingA lot of rubbish builds up in the streams and rivers. It is your responsibility to clean it up. Fully implemented
30rock annalisationin the streams and rivers of the great planets contain rocks that have traces of ancient races. It is these carbon leftovers that we want to see. Fully implemented
35pollution annalisationUsing a specialised air vehicle you can research the pollution around in our atmospheres. Watch out! Air turbulants will cause your vehicle to shudder and move, you must have quick reflexes to keep going. Fully implemented
35water content annalisationThe easier sister of pollution annalisation this activity requires you to go into the water and collect data from left over traces in the water. Fully implemented
40space dust annalisationSpace dust provides a window into the universe of old and so it is one of our most important activities. Fully implemented
40 spacewalking Running low on cash? Need to train some skills? Spacewalking is the activity for you! It is your job to collect artifacts from the very heart of space, returning them to a research center to find out what they're all about! fully implemented
43 Orbit harvesting A lot of waiste materials build up in a planets gravity well, from rocks, to dead satelites to all kinds of junk. It is your job to find this junk and eliminate it, so you can land safely! fully implemented
45mechanical miningThe mechanical mining is the parent of the hand mining activity. Fully implemented
50salvagingNot quite the average salvaging activity, you can salvage debris but watch out! There are small pod like ships called rictarks, or Rats, that will attack you and board you. Fully implemented
55 Gem retrieval Gems are very pretty today and very pretty in the future. They'll always hold a place in our hearts as dragonkinds best friend and that is why they pay you to go and get them some, right from the very bed of the ocean! fully implemented
60deliveriesNot all planets come ready inhabittable. So deliveries must be made so that new things can be built. Fully implemented
70passenger transportationNot everyone is lucky enough to pass their licence or even have the knowledge to fly and thus we ask you, the kind pilots, to transport them across the universe for a fair price. Fully implemented
90asteroid haulingThere are only a few places that bricks can be gathered from and asteroids is one of them. Fully implemented
110 meteor chasing In meteor chasing you have the opportunity to gain yourself some charge by finding meteor sstorms near local sectors and harvesting the energy from them. Meteors wizz through the skies very quickly and this energy is usable as charge. fully implemented
120asteroid harvestingGather 20 different types of minerals from the asteroids. Fully implemented
150 planetoid grabbing Join Susan Jenkins in the quest for life on planetoids as you go out and research the ice and core components of the mysterious roids in the night in this fun, if laid back, activity. fully implemented
180planetoid harvestingPlanetoids are like big asteroids and so can often contain several different types of minerals. Fully implemented
180 smuggling Not every activity is strictly legal on Cosmic Rage and not every single one is sdf controlled. Smuggling is one of these. A bit like material transportation, it is your job to move stolen or illegal items across the galaxy very quickly. While in flight, you are open to PVP. fully implemented
200factory buildingAll things physical must be made somehow. Factories are the key to this, the central point of creation. It is for this reason that we give you the opportunity to build and design your own factory from resources you yourself must craft. Fully implemented
200 trash clenzing A lot of trash builds up on planetoids and asteroids as they hurtle through space, a lot of junk simply crashes right onto it. WE can recycle this junk and use it to fund our cause in the evergrowing wars we endure. fully implemented
220planetoid gasCuriously, after the great disaster, scientists discovered that gases were gathering around planetoids. using this they were able to manifacture a system where the ships could pull in the gasses and store them for later transfer and use in the industrial business. Fully implemented
240 planetoid exploration I like pretty things, in fact I like a lot of pretty things. I am the monster behind you, the monster on the planetoid. Will you find me? Can you explore on this planetoid and discover me? My tummy awaits, I want to eat you. fully implemented
240ship buildingWhat is a moo without ship building. Slightly different from most, you must gather your resources on your own, building first the frame, then the consoles themselves as you quest to make your own starships. Fully implemented
260planetoid organicusing a small research craft it is possible to go down and research the microscopic lifeforms that have formed on planetoids as we quest for the ultimate knowledge. How life is formed, how life works. Fully implemented
300 nebula harvesting Nebula are what stars form from and are usually huge explosions when they're done. Because of the great 2430 disaster, however, nebula have been thrown way out of control until, like planetoids, they begin to form into nebula fields. If you are clever and if you are quick, you can nip in the nebula and see what to nick! fully implemented
350celestial splittingAS you would expect, it is possible to split asteroids and thus it is possible to split planetoids. Though you do need a specialised ship and you have to be quick in retrieval! Fully implemented
350city researchMany planets have tectonic plates and so they have islands that rise and fall. In this activity you can take a modern day submarine down to investigate such cities and find out about their civilisations. Watch out! Monsters of the depths and even old bits of technology do not take kindly to their space being invaded! fully implemented
400planet chunksno. You can not go blowing up planets. Well you can, but not in this activity. In this activity you land on an unstable chunk of a broken up planet with mutated and/or insane alien life. Your job is to either stabilise it or to collect all of the artifacts and resources off of it before it explodes! Fully implemented
400 corpse collection Iwww! Grosse! Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. In this activity you must first make liquid nitrogen to hold, and then collect, the corpses of dead animals for research on their DNA and structure. fully implemented
450comet waterThe first of our comet chasing activities. Using flexible tubes you are able to melt and gather the ice from comets into your bay for use later on as many things. Fully implemented
500 ship crushing Once the enemies in a ship have been destroyed, why should we let such resources go to waste? Why not just tug them in, put them on stands, and crush them for our own use! fully implemented
500comet dustThe second of our comet chasing activities. Using a highly powered and very dangerous laser you are able to gather the remains of what might have been stars, life or who knows what from these hurtling, unstable voids of mystery. Fully implemented
550comet acidThe final comet chasing activity is that of acid gathering. Scientists hope by gathering the acids from comets we can discover how they form and how perhaps life might form. Fully implemented
600star studiesStars are amazing mysterious balls of fire that have stunned and stumped scientests for many centuries. in this modern age, after the great disaster, we have managed to manifacture star lasers that annalise the core of stars but also we have managed to annalise a peculiar type of bacteria known as contlats. Fully implemented
750worm hole jumpingEver since the great disaster huge amounts of gamma radiation have been gathering up into strange, unstable jump gates. The gates often lead us deep into unknown space and can often get us quite lost however, they can also help us to understand and apreciate just how magnificent our galaxies actually are. fully implemented
850moon mineralsThe first of our moon based activities. Using tractor beams and sophisticated moon harvesting equipment we are able to split moons apart, giving us access to the bounty of minerals within. Fully implemented
900moon splittingLike asteroids and planetoids, moons can also be split up into moon chunks. Moon chunks produce large amounts of bricks, enough to build bases... Fully implemented
1100 warp fuel drilling Want to relax but still get something out of it? This activity is for you! Using the core of moons we are able to drill out free fuel from them and power our ships with it!
1100 star coring An extremely dangerous activity in which you explore the very outer reaches of known space to find the extinct cores of stars to either: 1. extract gas, 2. harvest minerals, 3. split them up, 4. annalyse them, 5. all of the above! Watch out! Regularly solar flairs crisscross the area you are in, and this is not an activity you can do if you are tired!

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