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This web page shows details on accessible pieces of software developed by Nathan Tech.
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Calendar Craziness

Are you in need of a calendar?
Are you in need of something light-weight and accessible that you can store your reminders in?
Then this is the program for you!
Combining two of Nathan Tech's most popular products into one and then improving upon them, calendar craziness is a calendar, reminder, alarm and time-telling program with a difference.
Features include: Did we mention, it's completely free?
Get your copy today!
Installer: calendar craziness v1.0 setup.exe(7.7MB), Version downloads: 1. total downloads: 2.
Portable: calendar craziness portable.zip(7.3MB), Version downloads: 1. total downloads: 2.


Need a media player that can do ogg, mp3 and wavs?
Want to listen to audio books, but need a player that can do bookmarks?
Calliope is the answer to all of your media playing frustrations.
This easy-to-understand player comes out of the box with features such as Get your copy today. Installable: Calliope v1.1 setup.exe(16.2MB), Version downloads: 0. total downloads: 0.
Portable: calliope portable.zip(17.3MB), Version downloads: 0. total downloads: 0.

Character counter

Ever wondered how many characters of a specific type are in a file?
Why count?
Why not use character counter!
It's very simple, very easy-to-use and completely free!
Installable: character Counter v2.0 setup.exe(9.5MB), Version downloads: 1. total downloads: 2.
Portable: character counter v2.0 portable.zip(9.2MB), Version downloads: 1. total downloads: 2.

Deep thought generator

This handy piece of software is designed for simplicity and handyness.
It comes ready with 15 different generators as well as a custom button to make your own.
In this we compile together some of the most-wanted generators that we could think of and make them accessible, easy-to-use and fun.
Generators include: Give it a try:
Installable: Deep Thought Generator v1.0 setup.exe(8.4MB), Version downloads: 3. total downloads: 3.

Luna RSS

Are you a listener of podcasts?
Are you thinking of creating a podcast?
Do you find yourself using RSS feeds a lot, or wish to create one of your own?
Introducing, Luna RSS, a feature packed RSS creator, and listener to suit all your needs.
Features include:
the best thing about Luna RSS is how much it costs.
This feature packed software is available at the very cheap price of $0.00.
You got it, absolutely, 100 percent free.
Grab your copy today: Installable: Luna RSS v3.4 setup.exe(27.6MB), Version downloads: 0. total downloads: 4.
Portable: Luna RSS Portable.zip(28.7MB), Version downloads: 2. total downloads: 4.

Network Utilities

Testing your IP address and doing a speed test has never been so easy!
this simple, accessible and handy program combines several common network tasks into one program with an easy-to-understand display.
Information by this product includes: Download your copy today!
Installable: Network Utilities v1.1.1 setup.exe(13.1MB), Version downloads: 0. total downloads: 0.
Portable: Network Utilities Portable Version.zip(12.7MB), Version downloads: 0. total downloads: 0.

Sunrise Waterfall

Ever wanted to build a website?
Do you have an idea you want to get out there, but you don't want to have to learn any coding to do it?
then we have the answer for you!
sunrise Waterfall is a free, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand website builder with accessibility at the front of its movement.
Using it's very simple list system you can create multiple projects and have them on the go at the same time, export them to at any time, see what a page will look like half way through the project and more.
It is HTML 5 compliant, with a massive range of elements for you to choose from as well as extensive documentation.
It is free and without advertisements. It does not even force you to link back to Nathan Tech.
Version 2: Now includes css!
Version 3: Now includes multiple language support, meta tags and some more syntax support. Get your copy today:
Installable: Sunrise Waterfall v3.0 setup.exe(8MB), Version downloads: 1. total downloads: 1.
Portable: Sunrise Waterfall Portable.zip(7.6MB), Version downloads: 0. total downloads: 1.

VipMud Soundpack Installer

Do you struggle to install soundpacks?
Do you wish there was a simple tool that you could run that would update your soundpack for you?
Look no further!
Simply download this product and smile as your soundpack installer problems drift away.
Installable: VipMud Soundpack Installer v1.0 setup.exe(9.6MB), Version downloads: 1. total downloads: 1.