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This web page shows details on accessible pieces of software developed by Nathan Tech.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the system requirements for these programs?

All of these programs come out at under 100 MB in size, most in fact are under 50.
As long as you have at least 100 MB of space on your hard drive, and a minimum of RAM available, you will be able to run these programs.
These programs are specifically designed not to be resource heavy.

What operating systems are supported?

The software listed below is all windows software.
It has been tested on Windows 10 and 7 and is published in 32-bit format so will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
While it has never been tested with windows XP, it is likely most software could handle being run on XP fine.

How much is the software?

All software on this page is completely free!

How do I report a bug, make a suggestion or just give thanks?

contact requests are always welcome!
Reach out via the Contact page to say hello!

How can I trust you?

I understand, it's hard to trust lone developers sometimes.
they could be anyone, after all!
that's why I ensure all software I release as of 2021 is code signed by a third party so you know I am genuine.
Further, you can also see What people say about me.

What is the Luna range?

I like to name products that have double meanings, for example, Calliope was a muse of Ancient Greece.
the story behind the Luna range is simple, it is a reminder that accessibility can take you anywhere, even to the moon.

Accessible Sientific Calculator.

Exactly what it says on the tin!
Say goodbye to the large, clunky hardware and hello to a simple interface, easy to remember keystrokes and more.
Check out if the Accessible Scientific Calculator meets your needs.
With memory functions, power, trig and root support as well as history navigation and complete screen reader integration, it's hard to imagine how it would not!
Have a read!


Are you looking for an accessible calendar, better access to Google or Outlook calendars, an accessible clock, reminder system, timezone management or even a program that just reminds you at each hour to do something?
Why use several different programs to achieve the same purpose?
Why struggle with apps that only do half of what you want and are less than that for accessibility?
Use Antevorta!
It's your accessible calendar with google and Outlook support built in.
It's your timezone manager, your accessible clock.
It's the program that does everything already mentioned and so much more.
It's the guaranteed, fully accessible, fully free and high quality solution from Nathan Tech.
Read more and download here.

Calliope, more than just a media player.

Gone are the days where you need 6 to 8 different programs just to perform related features.
Calliope is the media player that comes ready fitted with the ability to: all the features this program has can truly not be summarised and if you are interested, I can only advise you read more by clicking Right here.

Deep thought generator

This handy piece of software is designed for simplicity and handyness.
It comes ready with 15 different generators as well as a custom button to make your own.
In this we compile together some of the most-wanted generators that we could think of and make them accessible, easy-to-use and fun.
Generators include: Give it a try:
Installable: Deep Thought Generator v1.0 setup.exe(8.4MB), Version downloads: 316. total downloads: 449.


Aimed at young children, EduLearn is a program designed at teaching young children how to speak and recognise images.
It is made for children who watch their parents and are interested in why they are pressing keys on a keyboard. Give it a try:
Installable: EduLearn v1.1 setup.exe(46.1MB), Version downloads: 283. total downloads: 631.

Portable: EduLearn.zip(45.8MB), Version downloads: 339. total downloads: 340.

Football Match Viewer

Stop struggling to find match data that is accessible.
View your favorite teams in league tables and competitions using this small accessible utility program.
Find out about team makeup, player data, referees for matches, upcoming games and more. Read more here.

Lets RPG together.

Looking for a piece of software that you and some friends could use to play dice based games of your own design over the internet?
Maybe you're a Dungeons and Dragons fan, looking for a program to use to roll dice and collaborate with your fellow dungeon goers?
With Lets RPG Together you get seemless collaboration, customisable dice rolling, in program chat features, a simple character sheet builder and more absolutely free!
Click here to read more on Lets RPG together.

The Luna Range, the moon is not the limit when you are blind!


Are you someone who likes to backup your data offline in some way?
Do you keep several copies of your data around for safe keeping?
Are you looking for a piece of software able to back up, sync and zip your files with a simple interface that's 100 percent accessible?
Then check out Luna backup.

File Searcher.

Welcome to the free, accessible and light weight solution to searching for a reference in multiple files.
Whether it is searching for a topic in class notes, searching log files for a reference or tracking down a quote in a book, Luna File Searcher has you covered.
With the ability to pattern match, search multiple directories and many customisable options plus being very portable what's not to love?
Read more by clicking Right here!


Stop struggling with Powerpoint Presentations.
you don't need to access only half a powerpoint while your colleagues access the full thing.
No need to fall behind and struggle with software that just isn't made for the blind.
Use Luna Presentation and access Presentations fully today.
read More.

Luna For Reddit.

Reddit is a very popular social media platform where people can share their dreams, their hopes, ask questions, tell stories and more but it has one downside: the web interface is very fiddley for screen reader users!
Enter Luna For Reddit, the windows client that is stepping up to the plate and accepting the challenge to make Reddit as accessible as they will allow.
Read More and download here.


Are you a listener of podcasts?
Are you thinking of creating a podcast?
Do you find yourself using RSS feeds a lot, or wish to create one of your own?
Introducing, Luna RSS, a feature packed RSS creator, and listener to suit all your needs.
Features include:
the best thing about Luna RSS is how much it costs.
This feature packed software is available at the very cheap price of $0.00.
You got it, absolutely, 100 percent free.
Read more: Click here for Luna RSS.

Network Utilities

Testing your IP address and doing a speed test has never been so easy!
this simple, accessible and handy program combines several common network tasks into one program with an easy-to-understand display.
Information by this product includes: Download your copy today!
Installable: Network Utilities v1.2 setup.exe(12.7MB), Version downloads: 387. total downloads: 751.
Portable: Network Utilities Portable Version.zip(15.9MB), Version downloads: 0. total downloads: 751.

Sunrise Waterfall

Ever wanted to build a website?
Maybe you want to write clear documentation and publish it in multiple formats.
Or perhaps you need a Markdown Editor that is accessible and allows you to view your document on the go.
Do you have an idea you want to get out there, but you don't want to have to learn any coding to do it?
then we have the answer for you!
sunrise Waterfall is a free, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand website builder with accessibility at the front of its movement.
Using it's very simple list system you can create multiple projects and have them on the go at the same time, export them to at any time, see what a page will look like half way through the project and more.
It is HTML 5 compliant, with a massive range of elements for you to choose from as well as extensive documentation.
It is free and without advertisements. It does not even force you to link back to Nathan Tech.
Version 2: Now includes css!
Version 3: Now includes multiple language support, meta tags and some more syntax support as well as mail forms, a documentation builder and more!
Version 3.4: Now includes a Markdown Editor!
Version 3.5: Now can integrate with wordpress and comes with a basic FTP client built in. Read more and download

the Periodic Table

An accessible, easy to use periodic table for screen reader and sighted users alike.
Allowing you to search by name or number, have spoken allowed such information as element name, element numbers, group name and numbers as well as giving you access to a feature rich database of information, this accessible Table of Elements aims to bridge the gap between sighted and visually impaired students in the classroom.
No need to carry around that massive table or that book of braille.
No need to struggle while your fellow Chemistry students find elements in seconds.
Simply download your accessible Periodic Table now and stop struggling today.

VipMud Soundpack Installer

Do you struggle to install soundpacks?
Do you wish there was a simple tool that you could run that would update your soundpack for you?
Look no further!
Simply download this product and smile as your soundpack installer problems drift away.
Installable: VipMud Soundpack Installer v1.0 setup.exe(9.6MB), Version downloads: 424. total downloads: 427.