About this page

This web page is all about developer resources.
You will find below a list of software and scripts that we have made to make development a lot easier for you
Please read the descriptions of the software carefully as the resource may be language specific.
You might also want to check out our software section.


Number checker

The number checker is an easy-to-use checker.
It checks that all of your numbers for a game will play.
While it is made for the BGT programming language it can be used in any software.
The way it works is you give it the path of your numbers then it plays each number.
The numbers file name must be in english word format.
The software is freeware.

Software details

Item Detail:
Operating systems tested: Windows xp, windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10
Language specific Made for BGT though can be used for any
Size: 1.5 MB
Installation instructions: You should install this into the path of your software that you are testing for ease of use. Please see the installer for details.
Click here to download the number checker.


The developer tools version 1.0

The developer tools by Nathan Tech are a set of BGT scripts that remove the bother of the dynamic_menu and replace it with the much easier-to-use new_menu.
Scripts added:

Script details

Item Detail
Operating systems: n/a
Language specific Yes. BGT
size: The menu script is 4 KB while the speak script is a mear 1 KB
Installation instructions: Please see the readme for details on how to use this in your scripts.
To download, simply click the link below:
click here to download!