It's not disability, It's ability. Allow me to prove it to you.

We've got you covered.

Whether you're looking for Accessible software, Audio Games, tutorials or you're a developer Nathan Tech strives to be able to point you to the resources you need to be able to claim your independence and live your life to the fullest.

Going blind is a gift of being able to see the world in a new and holy unique way.

What do you offer?

Our product range is ever growing, from our Software Archive of accessible software to our tutorials on subjects ranging from using certain software, to learning to make your own, to using screen readers.
We truly have something for everyone!

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We develop so you can live your dream.

The products we offer are always adapting, always being updated and always being added to so that you can have access to what you need to live your life.
Blindness shouldn't be a factor that makes your decisions.

Support ethical developers.

We support rising stars of our community who push the boundaries of accessibility without being unethical.
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