Introducing: Calliope version 3.0 and higher

gone are the days of using 6 or even 8 programs to achieve things which should simply be available to you as a screen reader user.
While the visual community marches into the age of radio streaming, listening to audiobooks, radios, music files and more in simple apps that are yet, somehow inaccessible, the blind community gets left behind.
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Enter Calliope version 3.

Calliope is more than just a media player.
Not only can it support popular file types ranging from mp3's, to wavs, to oggs and more, it also comes fully-built with services previously difficult to access for screen reader users.
Add bookmarks, customise the settings and more!

Giving you control, where ever you are.

Don't worry about whether you're in a word document, or if you're in the Calliope window itself!
Gone are the days where you have to keep changing windows just to pause, or skip forward, or advance a track. Calliope allows you to skip forward and back, change your position, change your volume and play and pause from anywhere with simple keystrokes!

Popular play features.

calliope is more than just your play and pause media player from the early parts of 2010, no.
Calliope comes ready packed with some of the most demanded and well-used features a consumer could want including: And that's not even everything on the first screen!

Look up the top charts of the world.

Wondering who is number one in the UK?
Wondering if your favorite artist has been top of the pops yet again?
Calliope gives you access to over 150 different charts, displaying them in an easy and accessible format for you to browse at your leisure.
Never be misinformed again!

What'd you say?

If you're like me, from time to time you'll be listening to a song and suddenly think, what'd he say?
Or maybe you'll wonder "Who actually is this song by?" or "What album is this song on?"
Another feature of Calliope, available straight away from the play screen is the access to hlyric lookup screens and also access to the free Deezer API including song previews.
Deezer enables you to jump between tracks, albums and artists seemelessly and calliope integrates this while also throwing in a search feature for good measure, making the gathering of song information so much easier than it has ever been.

Browse your files

Browse your files in a single screen, identifying file type, length and whether you wish to play it, or queue it in a list.
Save up to ten favorite folders in memory and easily jump to them at just the press of a keystroke.
This ten does not include your documents folder, which is automaticly set as control h!

Build your own playlists.

Queue your media in playlists, play them at will, or randomise them for a whole new experience!
Edit playlists you have already made in other programs, adding and deleting with just one keystroke!
Made a playlist but the drive letter has changed? Load it in Calliope and run our fixer!

Listen to radio streams

By working with online radio board services, Calliope comes fully built with the ability for you to listen to and stream radio streams, search for new ones and tune in when ever you like, without complicated unlabeled buttons, headache inducing effort or any stress!
Just click, and play!

Manage your music library.

Create and organise music libraries, categorising your music by album, artist, genre, title or year by just changing a toggle menu.
Load up that old iTunes library you've had knocking around your drive and finally put it to good use.
Got a music library that doesn't work because you've changed the drive letter?
No problem! Load it up in calliope and the fixer can get it ready for you again!

Tag it and bag it.

Calliope comes built in with a music file tag editor that enables you to simply load up a track and then add, edit or view the tags associated with it without any third party libraries or worries about accessibility or safety.


Working with Librivox, calliope provides free access to a huge database of free audiobooks, kindly maintained by the Librivox services.
Calliope allows you to search for, listen to, bookmark and obtain information and URL links for any book you wish through their service!

Built in youtube Support.

Offering a smooth interface to listen to your Youtube Videos is just one thing calliope makes so much easier.
This media player also allows you to listen to the subtitles of videos, with them being piped to your screen reader at the correct time, with no repeats and so much smoother than the web interface will ever manage.

Listen to your favorite DAISY books.

As of 3.4, Calliope now comes fully featured with a DAISY screen, allowing you to load up a DAISY book and just hit play.
No longer do you need expensive players or subscription based services just load and go.
It integrates the best parts of DAISY 2.02, such as navigation levels and phrase jumping, and hands them off to calliope's already well-documented interface and control systems to allow you the most accessible experience on the market.

Make your Calliope how you want it.

Global keystrokes not working for you?
No problem! Change them in their own screen to exactly what you would prefer.
Want to turn them off? Also possible in the settings!
What about changing how much volume is changed by, or how much you jump forward and back, what about having the current position announced to you, and what about suppression of pop up messages? Yes, yes, yes and yes. All of these things and more can be tailored to your experience.

Can I convert audio?

Absolutely! Calliope also allows you to convert audio files to another format with that same clean interface we speak about above. It's fast, it's simple and, most importantly, it's yours to command, completely free.

Calliope is the out of the box media player made for you.

So what's the damage?

You would probably expect that you'd have to pay some sort of up front fee or even a subscription for this feature-packed product, right?
I am glad to prove you wrong!
Calliope is free. completely, 100 percent free.
You can download your copy today:
Installable: Calliope v3.6.8 setup.exe(86MB), Version downloads: 973. total downloads: 0.

Please note: Due to the way calliope works, no portable version is currently available for the software. Sorry!