An accessible Periodic Table.

When it comes to having access to resources, more often than not for a blind person this means bulkyness.
Braille is, alas, not as small as print can be and when you want to show as much data as the periodic table does things get very big, very fast!
With size also comes a certain amount of loss of speed. Being able to find information quickly without being able to skim read is a challenge faced by anyone without vision and the Periodic Table is no exception in this regard.

Making it accessible and making it portable.

The idea behind The Periodic Table by Nathan Tech is giving a screen reader user access to the table of elements while also giving them flexibility in mode of viewing and speed of access.
Some people want to view The Periodic Table in table form, other people want to view it as a long list. This program allows both!
Speed is the key. through the use of easy to remember keystrokes, this program allows users to quickly identify what period they are in, what group they are in, what the group name is, what the atomic symbol, mass and number is of an element and also enables the user to have the symbol or name read out to them letter by letter.
This program also comes packed with a database of information about each element such as radioactivity, category, discoverer, boiling and melting point and more!

So grab your copy today and never have to carry around unwieldy, unportable paper copies again!

Installable: The Periodic Table v1.0 setup.exe(11.3MB), Version downloads: 53. total downloads: 82.
Portable: The Periodic Table, Version downloads: 29. total downloads: 82.

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