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Just ran across your Calliope player in Flying blind mailing list. Thanks a lot for the software - it is really cool. Been looking for something to replace long obsolete "Program name deleted to remain fair" - seems like I finally found just the program.


I can honestly say Calliope is now the perfect music player for me, and I've tried heaps of them over the years. Most of them do okay in specific areas, but fail in the overall 'ease of use'. Even when my vision was better, it was still a pain to have to slide to get to a particular point of a song.
You've created a phenomenal program that I hope you are extremely proud of.


I just want to say thank you for what you're doing. I don't know your motivation, however, I think I just found the project that makes a lot of sense to the blind community. Keep up the great job!


thank you very much.
Thank you for making my life and my sissies life a little bit easier.
I am passionate about supporting people who try to make a difference. And you are definitely doing this. I really appreciate what you have done.
Sadly I am kept busy most of the time. And most of my time is spendt taking complicated stuff. And simplifying it for people so that they can get on with their lives. You have just made my little life much simpler and easier by providing this piece of software.
And I really appreciate this. I also appreciate that you took the time to reply. And that you’ve given me full details.
While it is true I could’ve read the manuals, while it is true I might be able to Google this. I did not have the time and needed you to reply to me. You have done this. I have great respect for someone like you.


Seedy provides a fantastic in-depth review of some of the software and the website, as well as me as a person, on this blog:


"I am from South Africa. I am a blind person, a retired IT specialist. I programmed at a bank in various languages, in Java during my last 7 years. After retirement I taught myself some Python and am now using your very excellent course to sharpen up my Python again, especially getting to know Python 3. I have also recently started using Calliope and consider it to be the best media player I have used. I wish to thank you for these really valuable resources. The effort you have put into this work is amazing, especially considering that it is all for free. The musical background to your Python course is rather nice. I appreciate your work and commend you for it."

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