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Welcome to: Cosmic rage!

By Nathan Tech!

About the MOO

The year is 2491, humans have dominated the expedition into space and are now travelling far and wide in their quest for peace and conquest.
With the 4 other main races at their side, what could possibly go wrong.
There is a blight in the galaxy however, a hidden threat that is rarely spoken of.
Humans have friends, but they also have enemies.
The Vacus are always on the move and the Droids never sleep.
Something bigger is in the background though, an unknown race, lloytering, waiting for you...

Play us!

Official Cosmic Rage VipMud SoundPack developed by Nathan Smith of Nathan Tech can be downloaded from within the game by typing @soundpacks. There are also bt sinc packs available both for the official, and an unofficial variation.
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PVP Please read the PVP page shown in the navigation bar.
Two separate point systems We have the normal leveling system but we also have a system where if you generate roleplay you get a roleplay credit or 100. Each point is worth a penny which you can then convert to donater cash!
Connection information: Just point your favorite mud client, or tellnet client, to the following information:
Site: cosmicrage.nathantech.net
Port: 7777

We cater for all.

Are you a warrior type? Want to lead your fellow people into war?
Maybe you want to relax and go to harvest some asteroids.
Maybe you are the thrill seaker, well, why not dash after comets instead!
AT the other end of the spectrum, we have relaxing time wasters for you to chill on and laugh about.


listed on the activity page, cosmic rage has nearly 15 different crafting options for you to choose from, a number which is growing dayly!


Cosmic Rage boasts over 30 different air missions, and a hole planet of ground missions for you to test the metal on, along with optional pvp for those interested!


As shown via the link above, cosmic Rage boasts 45 activities as of the writing of this web page, something which will probably increase in the future!
Our activities level range is 1 to 1100, but you can scale right up to 1400 with this activity.
Our highest level player to date is at a massive 1550.


Donating is really easy-to-do.
We accept all donations and appreciate each and every player, be they a donator or not.
You have a choice of over 30 different donator items, ranging from just 1 right up to 150.
To donate, simply click the following link:
Click right here


Why not explore the moo!

Explore the moo:

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