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The races

There are two sets of four races on Cosmic rage.
four enemy races and four playable allied races.

The allies


The dragon race are a proud and ancient race of lizard like creatures.
They were the second race the humans met and the first after their bloody war with the Caitsa.
They tend to stand at 10 feet tall and are completely covered in scales.
They are great hunters.
They have the following unique skills:
They are peaceful people.
While they will not be walked upon, they do not clamber for wars.

The ryuchi

The Ryuchi are descendants of the Dragon and Human races.
They do not have wings and so unfortunately can not fly.
They are war driven and so they have bonus's in weapon skills.
They stand at roughly 6 to 7 feet tall and are completely covered in scales.
They were originally frowned upon by the dragons but they were well-loved by the humans.
They have the following skills:

The dragon and Ryuchi can not

Use hand-held weapons like swords or shotguns due to their claws.

The human race

The humans used to be a primitive sort.
The dragons tried to visit them, many many years ago but were slain.
So there it was, the humans were left to grow on there own.
In 2020, the humans managed to begin to launch into the depths of space.
They had a long fight to get stable and it has taken them until now to get as far as they have.
Even now they still grow, they discover all different kinds of activities all the time.
They are a relaxed race, not exactly specifying in anything although they have the following skills:

The Cy-Larkan

The cy-larkan are a group of robotic creatures.
They were discovered fairly recently, only 90 or so years ago.
Not much is known about there ancestors or who built them.
They are made from metal although they have an intelligence unmatched in AI systems.
They have the following skills: They have a fearce devotion to the human race.


On Cosmic Rage we have a variety of clothing to suit each persons, or races, needs.
They range from gloves, boots and risk guards for humans, to wing sheaths and tail sheaths for the dragons.
Claw guards can also be found and each item of clothing is completely customizable in description!

The enemies

As there are four player races, it seems only fair we have 4 enemy races.
Well, while we say 4 enemy races, we have 4 major enemy races and 2 minor planetary enemies.

Planetary enemies


The Caitsa were the first race that the humans encountered and were not friendly at all.
The humans and the Caitsa had a ten year war that resulted in the Caitsa being almost whiped out.
For the most part in the modern day society the Caitsa are whiped out.
There may be one or two appearances as small cults make attempts to reclaim there home planet but for the most part they are no longer a threat.

The Shalka

In the late 23rd century the Ryuchi had a civil war.
They were split into two sections.
The true Ryuchi: said that it was time to forgive the dragons and time to become one again with their ancestors.
  • The Shalka: The shalka hated the dragons and viewed them as scum. Seeing that the dragons had rejected the dragons they viewed it was high time to pay them back.
  • There was a brutal civil war that practically tore the planet apart.
    The True Ryuchi won, though it was only thanks to the dragons and the Shalka were driven from the homeworld.
    Since then, we have not heard much from them yet it is our belief that they are coming back.
    Reports say that the Shalka have begun to work with the Embahi, though that could be just rumour.

    The major Enemies

    The Vacus

    The Vacus are perhaps the most normal and yet most active enemy of the four races.
    They are vaguely humanoid with an insectoid head.
    They have three legs at the bottom and are filled with extreme hatred.
    They come in a range of ships, some are small fighters while others are war cruisers.
    They are the one enemy race that are active constantly and can be found at the frontline battles.

    The droidic race

    The droidic race is the second most active race of Cosmic Rage.
    They are nonbiological, resource using creatures who run on computer generated programs.
    They are programmed to kill, destroy and be supreme.
    Their ships are quite heavy in the firepower department and yet very weak in the defense department.
    They are quick, they shoot quickly and hard, but can be blown up easily.
    The Kaltz-baurgan or baurgan are a cowerdice backstabbing race of liars and cheats.
    They are faintly similar to that of elephants in there makeup though they have human faces.
    No one quite knows where they came from only that the Humans offered them the hand of peace and the baurgan cut it off and stole it.
    They took advantage of the humans when they could and finally the humans had had enough.
    The Baurgan ships are very well-armoured but have very poor firepower.
    They fly in warbirds of varying colours.

    Embahi race

    Not much is know about the Embahi race.
    They were seen only once when their dreaded war spheres mounted a deadly asult on star command which almost crippled the great Space Station.
    We were lucky in that all of the races pulled together to repel this fearcem foe but it is feared that they are still out their.
    They travel in huge war spheres and are deadly.
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