About Nathan Tech

So what is Nathan Tech?
Where did it all start?
Who is part of it?
What is its aims?
All that is answered here:

What is Nathan Tech

Nathan Tech is the company run on this website.
We are an audio game development, software seeking, accessibility accelerating, blind boosting visually impaired bananza!
Now try and say that really fast.
Here at Nathan Tech, we seek to not only bring accessibility to those with disability but we also seek to bring an understanding of blind and/or visually impaired people into the sighted world.
We hope to make life as accessible as possible for blind people, so obviously, we are run by blind people!
Well, a blind person really, but some of our products are staffed by volunteers who are themselves blind, so it all counts towards the same thing.

Where did it all start?

Nathan Tech opened its doors in 2012 as a side project and a fantasy of a 13 year old child.
This child had a healthy, or perhaps unhealthy, dose of ambition but no idea how to do it.
He started off by creating this site.
This site started as a 3 page rant on why it is important that blind people are understood in the sighted world.
It had 3285 spelling mistakes, 208 typos and made absolutely no sense!
But towards the end of 2013 moving on into 2014 this child, who was developing into a man, began coding a game.
This game was the Boat simulator.
In the middle of 2014, boat simulator 1.0beta was released with a total of 5 bugs!
After this step forward, nothing much changed until the end of 2014 when things began to take off.
By this time the before immature, lazy child had grown into a kind of immature, lazy teen who was willing to make a difference.
His first course of action was to release 2 new versions of boat simulator, all with in 3 months of each other.
Then along came Santa's Secrets in December 2014.
By the time this mystery man turned 15 on January 6th, his head was whirling with ideas as he added more and more to this site wanting to progress further into helping people but not knowing how!
As January, then February drew to a close, nothing was really done.
It wasn't until March that the idea bombs went off and this man began to code.
His fingers flew like very fast... flying things, smoke rose from the keyboard until finally... He had to buy a new keyboard.
How though do I know all this?
Because I am that man. By the end of March I'd released my first issue of the newsletter and had begun work on my Train simulator.
By 2016 I'd begun my foray into the multiplayer game sector and it was from there that things really started to explode.
I began developing software soon after and also voiced a number of tutorials.
Since there, things have only got bigger and better. Or at least, I hope they have.

So you're Nathan Tech? Tech is kind of a funny last name?

I'm Nathan smith, Nate to most people and that right old pain in the backside to some others.
I'm the developer of the Nathan Tech website, Software Archive and all software and games on the website.
I work alongside many other amazing and tallented folk to develop cosmic Rage and have a keen interest in most things, but most especially dogs. Especially especially cuddling with dogs. Especially especially especially cuddling with dogs while drinking tea.
Life doesn't get better than that.

So you're... Nate, then?

That's me. A business Management graduate with a whole lot of ideas, bucket loads of ambition and too much time on his hands. I wish!

So what are Nathan Tech's goals

Nathan Tech's ultimate goal is to bring an understanding of blind and visually impaired people to the sighted community.
We want sighted people to understand us and how we are not different from everyone else.
We also want to further the abilities of disabled people by offering products and/or tutorials for how to do things.
These things can range from simple actions like how to use a knife and fork, to large scale actions like coding a website.
Nathan Tech is only beginning but we have many new ideas and slowly, we're making progress.

For more information

For more information or to get in touch, please contact us on our contact page