Sudoku is a very popular puzzle game played in many newspapers and magazines across the world.
this version of Sudoku is designed to be simple, but fully fit for enabling blind people to play it as well.
Sudoku is a game in which you must place numbers on a grid, usually 9 by 9, until you have completely filled the board. Each row and each column may only have each number appear once, and each 3 by 3 segment of the grid must contain the numbers 1 to 9.
Sounds easy? Prove it!

The versions.

This Sudoku game is a commercial product, though don't be put off by that.
It costs the small amount of 5 British Pounds to play it fully featured, but there is a demo.
In the demo mode you can playin the standard 9 by 9 board along with having it half filled.
In the full version you can change your game size and game difficulty as well!
A more than fair trade off, wouldn't you say?
by purchasing this product, you will also be supporting my development, so thank you.


To download the demo version simply click below:
Sudoku v1.0 setup.exe(11.3MB), Version downloads: 185. total downloads: 189.


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