Accessible Chess

Accessible Chess is the Chess program that was built for the blind.
It's the most accessible, most in-depth program for playing Chess on the windows market for blind people and we intend to keep it that way!

The versions.

Accessible Chess is a commercial product, though don't be put off by that.
It costs the small amount of 10 British Pounds to play it fully featured, but there is a demo.

the demo:

In the demo mode you can play standard chess against an AI as many times as you like.
You can also save your games and come back to them later, not to mention have access to all of the following:

The full version.

For the sweet price of just 10 GBP you open up the following: A more than fair trade off, wouldn't you say?


To download the demo version simply click below:
Accessible Chess v1.2 setup.exe(54.1MB), Version downloads: 278. total downloads: 352.


To purchase a full copy of the game, simply fill out the form below.
There's no wait time, simply enter your product key from the game, click buy, pay and you're good to go.
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